How do I upload and download files using the Files Widget?

Once you have added a Files Widget to your Hub, uploading and downloading is easy.


Click the Upload button to start. There are 3 different uploaders:

  • The Simple Uploader allows you to upload one file at a time
  • The Standard Uploader allows you to upload multiple files at a time, but not folders of files
  • The Advanced Uploader allows you to upload entire folders of files and maintain their directory structure

Read more about the different uploaders and their requirements here

Once you have picked the files by clicking Add Files, click Upload. When the upload finishes, you can click the link to go back to your Hub.


To download a single file, just click the download button page_white_download.png in the Actions column.

To download multiple files or folders, check the box next to each item and click the big Download button. A zip archive will be created containing the selected files and/or folders.


Example Files Widget:



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