How do I use the Wiki Widget?

The Wiki Widget allows collaborative rich text editing. With features such as inline images, tables, lists, and a complete revision history. It’s a great way to collaborate on text-based content.



After you have created a Wiki Widget, you can edit it by clicking the Edit Wiki link that appears underneath it. By default, Contributors and above will see the Edit Wiki link, but you can edit the properties of the Wiki Widget to prevent Contributors from seeing this link.

Once in the editor you will find several text formatting options for changing fonts, text size, justification, and color. There are also options for creating tables, lists, links, and adding images to your wiki.

If you would like more room while editing, clicking the wiki_full_screen_icon.png icon on the right will bring you into a full screen view. Click the icon again to return to the normal view.


Source Editing

For those with HTML knowledge, you can switch to the View Source tab to manually edit the source of the wiki for even greater control over how it looks.





The Wiki Widget saves all edits as a new revision. This allows you to always be able to revert to previous versions just in case you don’t like the changes that were made. These are accessed from the Revisions tab while editing the wiki.


 Example wiki:



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