How can I upload and download files using an FTP client?

With the Onehub FTP gateway you can access the files in your workspace from standard FTP client applications. This makes it easy to transfer files up to 2GB to any Files Widget in your workspaces.

Enabling FTP Access to Your Workspace

In order to use FTP with a workspace, it must first be enabled. This is done from the workspace’s Manage section under FTP Access.

Check the box to enable it and then save. There are 2 other optional settings here as well. One to only allow encrypted FTP connections to the workspace (using TLS/SSL) and another to allow anonymous FTP access if the workspace is set to be public. Public workspaces can be accessed by using the workspace URL (e.g. as the username and the password set in the Public Access settings found in the Manage section (blank by default).


Now we are ready to connect. We’ll be looking at how to do this using 3 popular FTP clients: Transmit, FileZilla, and CuteFTP.

Connecting to the Onehub FTP Gateway


Enter these settings and hit Connect:

  • Server:
  • User Name/Password: Email and password used with Onehub
  • Port: 2021
  • Protocol: FTP with TLS/SSL



Go to File > Site Manager and click the New Site button. Enter these settings and hit Connect:

  • Host:
  • Port: 2021
  • Servertype: FTPES - FTP over explicit TLS/SSL
  • Logontype: Normal
  • User/Password: Email and password used with Onehub



Click the New Connection button and enter these settings:

  • Host address:
  • Username/Password: Email and password used with Onehub

Now enter these settings on the Type tab and hit Connect:

  • Protocol type: FTP with TLS/SSL (AUTH TLS - Explicit)
  • Port: 2021


Navigating Your Workspace Contents via FTP

Once we are connected we can see a list of our workspaces that have FTP enabled. They appear as folders that start with Hub:. Inside is a listing of the pages in the workspace. If we open a folder for a page that contains Files Widgets, we see folders representing them and can access the files inside. The same permissions apply over FTP as they do accessing the Files Widget from your browser.


From here it is simple to upload and download files and even folders in your workspace.


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