How do I create a QuickHub?

Creating a QuickHub is easy:


From the home screen click either the Send Files or Receive Files buttons in the Send or Receive Files with QuickHubs section.




Use Send Files to upload files for others to download, or Receive Files to create a Hub where others can upload files for you.


Once you have been brought to the wizard, you need to provide some information.


In the To section, type a list of email addresses you would like to invite, separated by commas. If they are listed in your account contacts (available on paid plans), they will auto-complete as you type (just hit tab or click on the name to auto-complete.)




Next type a message. This message will be in the email sent to your invitees, as well as at the top of the workspace.


The next three options ask:


  • When/if you would like the workspace to expire
  • If you would like to be notified via email when there is activity in the workspace
  • If you would like the workspace to be publicly accessible (the availability of this option depends on the plan you have signed up for)



If you are setting up a SendHub, the next area is where you upload files.


Finally just click Upload and Send or Create to finish.


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