What is a workspace?

A workspace is like a virtual work place — where you can share information with others whether they reside in your office or in remote locations. It can be customized to fit your specific needs.

1. Onehub Bar

This is where you will find links to your personal settings, other workspaces you have access to, and a search box to easily find items in the current workspace.

2. Administrator Bar (only visible to Authors and above)

This has tools that pertain to the current workspace. Share allows you to invite others to your workspace, Notify allows you to send a message to your workspace members, Manage is where you will find workspace settings, and Design & Add Widgets allows you to customize your workspace.

3. Pages

Pages contain the Widgets you add to your workspace. There are several layouts available. The page in the diagram is using the "Left Side Bar" layout.

4. Widgets

Widgets act like containers that hold specific types of information. On the page in this diagram we have 4 widgets. A wiki wigdet, an image widget, an activity widget, and a files widget.




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